Diane Palmer

Diane Palmer

Diane Palmer is a qualified nurse, social worker and therapist who has specialised in veterans’ health. She is now an independent mental health specialist.

She co-founded the North Essex Veterans Mental Health Network which led to funding from the Department of Health to set up a specialist mental health service in the NHS for veterans.

Diane is a clinical member of the NHS East National Armed Forces Health Clinical Reference Group, the NHS East Mental Health Working Group, co-chairs the National Veterans Mental Health Network for NHS East, a clinical member of the national Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat, the East of England Clinical Senate (the military and civilian partnership board) and sits on the executive board of Anglia Ruskin University Veterans and Families Institute for Social Research.

Diane is the National Director for Valiant Care Group which she cofounded 3 years ago. Valiant Care Group is a private healthcare provider which is currently building the UK’s first dedicated occupational trauma hospital for high risk mental health patients whose conditions stem from exposure to traumatic events at work.

She has won national awards for her work on mental health services for veterans, including the National Military and Civilian Health Partnership Award in 2013, and the National Royal College of Nursing Award for Mental Health in 2014.




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