Supporting the whole family to recover from domestic abuse | Live online training – half day (10am – 1.30pm) – 12 November 2024

10:00-13:30 12 November 2024



November 12, 2024 - 10:00


November 12, 2024 - 13:30

When domestic abuse has been present in a family, the whole family needs support to recover from the trauma. In addition to rebuilding life as a family unit, each member of the family will have been affected differently and will face different challenges.

Re-building a family’s future is a challenge and, without support, a number of risks arise:

  • The former perpetrator starts to abuse again
  • The victim becomes overwhelmed with the responsibility of supporting the whole family
  • Other issues which were present alongside domestic abuse, such as mental health or substance misuse problems, are not resolved
  • Children who were victims struggle with relationships and school

A Solutions Focussed approach offers professionals across different services a method for working with the whole family, regardless of whether the perpetrator is the father, mother or a child. While enabling that support to be highly flexible and to vary according to each individual’s needs, it also offers a tool for measuring progress. The approach requires co-operation between the multiple agencies which may be involved with the family.


This half-day training will:

  • Assist professionals to unpick the trauma which each family member may have experienced, and the different challenges each one faces in recovering from domestic abuse
  • Identify opportunities where professionals can intervene to support the perpetrator, victim(s) and whole family following domestic abuse
  • What does support look like? – the Solutions Focussed approach and how to do it
  • Use case studies of the approach in action
  • Understand how to measure progress with each family member

Format of the training

  • This training takes place live online
  • Details of the sessions, with approximate timings, are given in the Agenda section
  • All sessions will offer an opportunity for questions


What you will get from us

  • Once you have booked, you will be emailed a brief confirmation.
  • After you have completed the training, we will email a Certificate of Attendance for your CPD records


Technical heads up

  • If you are part of a large organisation, please check with your IT department that there are no firewalls which will prevent you from accessing the training.
  • We’re here to help, so if you have any problems, just call us or email us (contacts below)



Welcome and introduction


Understanding the family’s trauma from domestic abuse

  • Seeing the family as a unit
  • The individual trauma of each family member
  • Challenges and risks on the road to recovery


The recovery journey – opportunities to intervene

  • When, where, and for who?
  • Importance of maintaining contact between agencies supporting family members


How the professional can support recovery – the Solutions Focused approach and measuring progress


10 minute break


The Solutions Focused approach in action – a walk through and case studies


Breakout groups – exercise


Feedback from groups and open Q&A


Close of training

  • Child and family social services
  • Fostering services
  • Children’s charities
  • Domestic abuse services
  • Drug and alcohol services
  • Housing services
  • Schools including SENCOs, truancy officers and mentors
  • Family support services
  • GP Practices
  • Health visitors
  • Community midwives
  • Hospital-based maternity services
  • Mental health services – children’s and adults’
  • Community police
  • Probation services
  • Services supporting refugees and recently arrived communities

Delegate fee:

 £75+ VAT (= £90)

3 places for £199 + VAT (£238.80)

5 places for £320 + VAT (£384)

10 places for £590 + VAT (£708)


Want to book a larger group (over 10)?

  • Discount on the standard price available for this event
  • Training can be delivered in your workplace or live online just for your group


Call 0115 916 3104 or email to arrange


Booking Terms and Conditions

  • The latest date for cancellation of standard rate places is 2 weeks prior to the first day of the training event; an administration fee of 25% will be charged for cancellation
  • Substitutions will be accepted, but these must be notified in writing PRIOR to the first day of the training event
  • It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that they set aside time to access the online sessions; unexpected work or personal events will not entitle the delegate to access later events without re-booking
  • Cancellations should be made in writing to up to two weeks before the start of the event and will be acknowledged


Please note that discounted group bookings are non-cancellable, but we always accept substitutes.

Ayse Adil

Joe Lettieri

Ayse Adil and Joe Lettieri are founders of Family Based Solutions. Established in 2012, Family Based Solutions addresses the needs of families experiencing numerous challenges. Over the years, they have expanded their services to aid families recovering from domestic abuse, adults exhibiting harmful behaviours, and introduced Building On Strengths and Solutions (B.O.S.S), a well-being service for students and staff in schools. FBS expertise include providing training to both statutory and non-statutory organisations, including the Metropolitan Police, NSPCC, Educators, and Social Care. As a strength-based organisation, their training workshops emphasise solution-focused approaches to enhance both individual and organisational development.