Business Training

These are challenging times. While many organisations find their budget available for training has reduced, the pressure to operate more efficiently means a greater need for better management skills.

We offer effective, practical training at sensible prices.

Where larger organisations can benefit from training delivered in-house, smaller organisations or individual departments may find it makes better financial sense to send a few people to one of our open courses.

We have half-day and one-day training, which can be delivered in or near your workplace, on the following areas:

  • Managing people
  • Communicating change
  • Understanding and managing media
  • Effective communications
  • Writing and delivering presentations
  • Public speaking
  • Crisis communications
  • Engaging and motivating staff

For further information contact Jane Lakey on 0115 916 3104

We are currently running the following open training course, which is ideal for managers who are faced with the need to motivate their staff through budget cuts and reorganisation.