3 March:

Mental health awareness and strategies for frontline professionals

Birmingham  (click for more info)

19 March:

Working with East European Roma families to address safeguarding and child protection challenges more effectively

Birmingham  (click for more info)

25 March:

Adopting Trauma Informed Services to address the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

Birmingham  (click for more info)

23 April:

Working effectively with transgender service users

Birmingham  (click for more info)

30 April:

Non-accidental injuries to children: building confidence in making preliminary assessments

Birmingham  (click for more info)

7 May:

Black victims of child sexual abuse:  improving identification and support

Birmingham  (click for more info)

12 May:

Collaboration without collusion:  how to create and maintain effective relationships with complex service users


Birmingham  (click for more info)

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